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Leg Pain

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In most cases, leg pain is caused by general wear and tear of the bones, joints, and ligaments in your leg. But problems with your back can also lead to leg pain. Our ortho providers, Michael Hennessy, M.D., Robert Viere, M.D., Andrew Park, M.D., Chester Donnally, M.D., and Heidi Lee, M.D. at Texas Spine Consultants, LLP in Addison, Texas and Plano, Texas, are orthopedic spine experts who can determine if your leg pain is related to an issue in your back or spine and provide treatment that helps you get relief. For management of your leg pain, call the office today or schedule an appointment using the online booking tool.

Leg Pain Q & A

What causes leg pain?

Leg pain most often results from an injury or condition in your leg. But back conditions can also generate pain that goes to your leg.

Common back issues the cause leg pain include:

  • Herniated disc
  • Sciatica
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Spondylolisthesis

In addition to the pain, you may also experience numbness, tingling, or muscle weakness in your leg if the condition is related to your back.

How do I determine the cause of my leg pain?

Dr. Hennessy is a skilled spinal orthopedist and can determine the cause of your leg pain after a comprehensive examination. During your examination, he examines your back and legs and reviews your symptoms. Being able to describe your pain in detail, including type, extent, and duration, can help Dr. Hennessy find the root cause of your pain.

In addition to the physical exam, Dr. Hennessy may also recommend diagnostic testing, such as an X-ray or MRI, so he can get a better look at the structures in your back and spine. If he suspects a herniated disc or radiculopathy, he may also recommend nerve testing to assess the nerve damage.

What treatments for the back can improve my leg pain?

Treatment for your leg pain centers on the root cause. Dr. Hennessy takes an individualized approach to the management of your leg pain and creates a treatment plan that offers the most benefits with the least intervention.

Even though Dr. Hennessy is a skilled surgeon, he recommends conservative treatments for the management of leg pain. Your treatment plan may include:

  • Pain management
  • Physical therapy
  • Massage therapy
  • Epidural injections
  • Nerve blocks

If conservative measures fail to improve your leg pain, or the underlying condition is causing other health issues such as loss of bowel or bladder control, Dr. Hennessy may conduct surgery. The type of procedure you need depends on the cause of your leg pain.

Dr. Hennessy specializes in minimally invasive spinal procedures and continues to treat conditions using the most advanced, least invasive measures possible, even when surgery is necessary. If appropriate, he may recommend the XLIF® lateral lumbar interbody fusion, a minimally invasive procedure that removes nerve-irritating discs responsible for your leg pain.

Leg pain can develop from conditions that affect your back. For expert management of your leg pain, call Texas Spine Consultants, LLP or book an appointment using the online booking tool today for a consultation.